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What can we do to attract and retain executive level talent in Salina, KS? (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Salina, KS is known for its quiet neighborhoods, and small town feel to raise a family. Salina is also known as the trading centre for a large wheat-growing area and grain milling is the chief industry. Kansas Wesleyan University and Kanasas State University College of Technology and Aviation are big attractions.

It is easy to think Salina, KS is small. However, top level executives are looking for job opportunities in small towns. We might feel our pool is limited, but with the right strategies and optimizing and highlighting our beautiful city, we can and will recruit the right people who will stay. According to a Gallup poll, 65% of top-level candidates want to work remotely and 84% of employees shared that working remotely would make them happier. So, why not consider more remote employees? If your business model will support employees working remotely, you should do it.

We also need to consider recruiting outside of our geographic locale. Never settle on candidates just because they are local. We should always seek candidates outside of our normal hiring circle. An ATS system will help the small and medium sized business organize and streamline the process of attracting top talent.

For those top-level candidates, relocating is a big task. We need to consider discussing what the candidate wants. In order for the top talent to relocate their families to smaller towns, they need incentives. We need to find out what makes them happy. We should also mention how small-town living offers more interconnected communities and shorter commutes. Some additional ideas to consider would be the PERKS! What interests do the top-level candidates have? Offering private club membership, business vehicles, vacation and personal time off packages, private business space, childcare reimbursement, personal trainers and/or fitness packages. These are just a few examples of what a true PERK is to a top-level candidate.

Discussing the vision and economic development of Salina, KS with top-level candidates should always be a part of the developing strategy to attract and retain those individuals.

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